Cardigan – Alexander McQueen Jeans – Redone

The start of a new year always brings me that sudden urge to sieve through my tired, and well-worn wardrobe. Days of reorganising ‘Oh I’ll fold that later’ moments, and finding that maybe those pieces that I invested in, and well and truly earned their ‘cost per wear’ motto, are also in need of a little TLC. Also a few pieces I did invest in might not work for me anymore – change in body shape/lifestyle. I believe in only keeping things I know I will wear, I hate to have items taking up space. So when having my new year clean out, I’ll make a pile of clothes to resell, and NETAPORTER have just launched a new reselling concept on their site which is extremely fuss free. They pick up, they sell, and then they credit your account or transfer you the money. I’ll be taking the credit as they then add 10% on top – I know I’ll be buying a few new things to replace them with.

To bring a little sass to your working wardrobe, I’ve made an edit below with NETAPORTER of stand out staples, either in shape or print. Simple must have items that can be worn everyday, mix and matched, and kept for a lifetime.

I wear my ReDone jeans constantly, I find the mid/high waist and straight leg combo pretty flattering on my shape. But I’m excited to mix up my everyday look with a slightly flared/cropped style.

I normally go for a basic t-shirt and my favourite jeans, then add a chunky jumper or statement coat – this keeps the look effortless but interesting.