I get this question every-time I wear them, and I wear them a lot! The Re/Done 70’s High Rise Stove Pipe Jean, with it’s straight leg and mid denim tone is my absolute favourite. A tough rigid denim that holds it’s shape, making me feel structured and held in. And in a blue which blends – I say this about the colour because I look for qualities in a pair of jeans that have that vintage worn in vibe, I want jeans to be the base of my outfit, almost so chic and classic that they don’t stand out at all. I want people to comment on them because of the fit and the wearability, not because they have a bold tone. This type of colour also ensures that they go with everything.


I would say they are true to size, so go for your usual in them. With my recently changing body shape, (I had a baby) I have a few sizes which I’ve swapped in along the way. I also know that I love the style, and I wear them most days so I could justify buying another pair in a bigger sizes to give me a different feel – slightly more roomier for the day and that perfect fitted pair for night. Also worth a note, one pair that I still wear today have been my go to for maybe 4 years now – cost per wear.

Re/Done do have a version with a bit of stretch to them, these are a lot softer so don’t have that classic denim structure, but they are then more comfortable for those who aren’t into a tougher denim. If you go for these and you’re between sizes, in this case I would say go for the smaller size as they will stretch.


If between sizes, I would say to go up and then have them tailored. A good fitting pair of jeans is vital for a working wardrobe, and once you’ve done this, I don’t think you’ll ever look back! Especially if you’ve gone for the rigid style that I wear, they have no give so that method of stretching them out doesn’t really work.

With the bigger size I have, I took in the waist by creating two darts at the back. This was so I didn’t have to wear a belt, and I still got that looser fit on the thighs which was what I was after. For those looking for a good tailor, Scobies in Wandsworth Common is my fave.

Lengthwise – I’m 5’1, so I get my fabric scissors out and simply cut to ankle length. Eventually the fabric will fray slightly like the original finish.