Pre workout days, I would hear people go on and on about lululemon; how they were the only one’s to be seen in, how they felt like a second soft skin whilst still giving you that firm feeling. Real feel good workout gear (which sounded crazy to me as I had a total fear about wearing anything skin tight in daylight). Flash forward to my early 30’s, a whole decade later and working out is part of my weekly routine. Trying to find the time to stretch and punch at any chance I can, for a healthy body and more importantly, mind. That being said, I’m often running errands/heading to lunch/meetings whilst in my gym kit, so not only do they need to make me feel supported, confident and comfortable, but they also needs to look the part.

I’ve said before that I dress my house just like I dress myself, and that flows into most aspects of my creative life. I want my workout gear to mimic my daily attire, keeping to that chic and minimal aesthetic but with a slight flair. For this the lululemon Align collection is my favourite, full of classic cuts in buttery materials and soft seasonal colours. I stick to the basics first, the black and navy essentials, then add throughout the season. I’ve had a navy pair of ‘Align™ High-Rise Pant with Pockets 25“‘ that I’ve been wearing every two weeks maybe for the past 4 years. Designed for yoga due to the weightless fabric, these have been my go to pair – even seeing me through my pregnancy last year.

Discreet cups inside the lululemon Align High-Neck Tank – no bra/nipple covers needed!

Different lengths to avoid that unflattering gather – the 25″ are my perfect go to at 5’1