A good basket bag is a key staple to a working summer wardrobe. It offers practicality as-well as giving that rustic and relaxed vibe, keeping that ‘never overdressed’ motto I live by. A basket bag needs to look like a basket, that oversized market style shape, to throw in all your daily essentials.

Once you’ve seen the effect a bag like this has on your summer wardrobe, you’ll be venturing into all kinds of shapes. Recently I went for an oversized clutch in the same straw material by Sensi Studio. It was the perfect accessory to dress down a midi dress for summer evenings. It was also more of an investment piece as I know I love this style. I’ve even picked up a few different colour variations over the years, and now have a collection I bring out every Summer. But for those just starting, the basket bag is the same to kick off your collection.