We’ve been in the new house for a year exactly now, and it’s taken that long to understand it. The way the light hit’s certain walls in the mornings, how sound travels, the areas we migrate to the most, and of course the most important factor; how the house feels. A house is so personal, and our’s in-particular is a real acquired taste. We love interesting architecture, big windows and lots of light, multifunctional spaces and bold features. The new house is a bigger version of our old flat in Balham, a 2 bedroom which served us very well. While the vibe of the properties are very similar, that doesn’t mean that the same furniture will work. I loved the old sofa, but the shape didn’t flow in the new open plan living space. I needed something softer, bigger, deeper and more versatile, and I had been admiring The Bloomsbury from afar, for a very long time.

Its curved back, winged arms, deep seat and high back, not forgetting the most impressive feature – changeable covers. Yes with an obsession for light interiors (and a baby) I had to think about practicality, and this gives me the flexibility to take them to the dry cleaners when needed, so I can actually enjoy the sofa. I know that fear of ruining something so beautiful too well, when obsession overrides logic, and it sits there gathering dust instead of being used. But by being able to order a new set in various materials and colours, a sofa so aesthetically pleasing can actually become part of your life.

I would definitely recommend going to the Love Your Home showroom if you can, it made such a difference being able to actually sit on the sofas and chat to the team about what I was looking for. They’re able to customise measurements and shapes to suit your needs, another huge plus for me as I wanted something deep enough to almost feel like a day bed. I went for the maximum size I could, in height and depth – remember it needs to fit in the door! Go there with measurements of the space, as-well as any areas/doors the sofa will have to go through. A good idea of materials and colours is also recommended as they have such a wide collection. Saying that, the changeable covers give me the option to explore a little more. I went for that chic white, with a stain resistant coating of course, but also a dusky pink set which I’ll change into next season. This is the magic of The Bloomsbury – I’ll be able to change up the vibe of my living room whenever needed. Whether it’s a change of season or to simply match my mood. I’ve already got my heart set on a forest green pair for the winter and then a cornflower blue next summer (after seeing that colour on a sofa in Comporta earlier this year).