I’ve been having a real ‘fashion season’ so far. Really going for those full on looks, one’s that show my personality and style. It’s something that I’m finding pretty freeing, you know when you don’t actually care what other people think, it’s about how you feel in the clothes and your fashion choices – that’s all that should matter. But it also got me thinking about how I’ve got to that stage, and that probably comes down to a good base of staples. Those key pieces which become the starting point to every look. Not only is it the more sustainable approach, which will also prove its worth in cost per wear, but it will help make those ‘what to wear’ moments in the morning a lot softer.

For your standard winter wardrobe, I would normally start with those traditional statement pieces; the black coat, white shirt, straight cut jeans and boots. But this year my wardrobe staples have completely changed. This year in collaboration with NET-A-PORTER I’ve really honed in on what makes me feel good and comfortable, pieces I know that suit me instead of going for that started uniform of what’s expected. A good quality shearling coat that cuts off just below the bum, a cashmere jumper, wide leg or jogger style knitted trousers and a pair of trainers that go with everything. Additionally a crossbody bag for those key hands free moments (which is a must have for me, now with baby running around). They might not sound like the most exciting investments, but they will soon enough become the pieces you can’t get dressed without. These are you throw on pieces, to mix in with flashes of colour – if thats your thing, or patterns and textures.