My true wardrobe weakness is the coat, one which takes the limelight. This key pieces should be well thought through; does it work with your wardrobe, your needs, your lifestyle? And when calling it a wow piece, that doesn’t mean it’s fluorescent or covered in sequins. A chic cashmere coat with perfect tailoring can be the wow factor. This is what will impress the ones in the know – not that you need to be thinking about anyone but yourself in this matter.

A classic coat that will last a lifetime, but also has that slight edge of innovative design to it. That’s what I found in the Le Maire coat I’m wearing here. I bought it in the summer of 2020 – I often find my staple winter pieces in the summer, I’m always eager for next season! It’s a really simple shape, a toffee wool, bell-sleeved wrap coat. Look too quickly and you might not think it’s much, but take a second look and you’ll see the true beauty of it. This coat makes the outfit, I don’t have to think about what’s underneath when wearing it. Whether I’m teaming it with a cream oversized dress or jeans and a tee, this coat creates that relaxed yet polished vibe I love. And that’s what the below edit is all about, these coats make morning dressing easy.