I love a wardrobe clear out at the beginning of a new year, I find it so therapeutic. Out with the those old, tired pieces that once served me well, but have come to the end of their life after years of wear. It’s pretty known that I believe in investment pieces, good quality fabrics and flattering cuts, but it’s also about being clever with choosing what styles to invest in. Those daily staples might not seem like the ones to add that extra cash too, but those are exactly the pieces you should be thinking about. These items are your daily go-to’s, t-shirts and sweatshirts you wear weekly, and jeans you most likely wear 3/4 times a week.

NET-A-PORTER is often my go-to for wardrobe staples. Their buyers really tailor their edit for that effortlessly chic woman, who knows her style but can also play with various trends in a minimal way. I’ve purchased my straight leg ReDone jeans from them for years now. A high-waisted fit with a slightly relaxed leg in a mid-tone denim which goes with everything. The high-waisted cut has that 90’s vibe, combined with the slightly loose leg for a relaxed feel. I wear these most of the week, and they have lasted me years already. While I’ll never turn my back on them, I have been looking for a second style to play with this season, and for me I’m leaning towards a barrel leg to mix up my staples.

The thing’s that I gravitate too in the early mornings, when running out to do errands or take the baby to nursery, are those oversized casual pieces, that make me feel comfortable. Hoodies, long sleeved t-shirts and boxy sweatshirts. I think that these with the jeans, a nice pair of knitted socks and trainers is surprisingly a ‘look’ in itself. This wave of dressing for your lifestyle, and understanding your daily needs from an outfit is extremely freeing. And when paired with the right accessories and coat, it can look just as polished.

Never underestimate the power of a jersey dress. Worn with socks and trainers, maybe a sweatshirt tied around your waist for later. Comfortable enough for the school drop off, chic enough for meetings in town.