Trans-seasonal shopping gets me so excited. It’s a way to revive those tired Autumn/Winter pieces that have been on rotation for the past 4 months. I invest in pieces to wear over and over again, often only getting rid once they’re falling apart at the seams. When they start to look a little tired, and let’s face it, when I’m tired of winter dressing and looking towards spring, starting to pull a few pieces from NET-A-PORTER that I know I’m going to live in makes me happy. 

Pulling the right tran-seasonal bits is important. They need to be suitable for the current cooler weather, but also work for those long Spring/Summer days. When doing this, I always start with the jacket, and that patterned, quilted jacket is still a huge must have for that working wardrobe. It’s an easy piece to throw on, and works most pieces in your wardrobe. I’ll be wearing mine right now with jumpers and tee’s, and those barrel leg jeans. For the jeans this year, go big, or bigger. A slightly wider or barrel leg is surprisingly flattering, and creates a new silhouette which adds a little excitement to those everyday basic looks. Worn with an oversized t-shirt – I have my eye on that Acne one, it’s a similar shape to that blue Erl one I can’t stop wearing. And for those who missed out, it’s a great option. This with a pair of trainers – New Balance are my go-to at the moment, and then an ‘it bag’ to dress it up. This is my favourite everyday dressing formula, and it always makes me feel good.

The jersey dress is also a great piece to throw in, and the two I’ve added by Toteme and Baserange have been tried and tested, over and over again. Both simple enough to be timeless, comfortable enough to work for meetings in town, to the nursery pick-up.