Quiet luxury has been my vibe at it’s core, ever since I found my style, maybe 10ish years ago. Subtle cuts in beautiful fabrics, staples that work from season to season. These simple pieces work anytime, anywhere. They’re built to stand the test of time, focusing on craftsmanship instead of the fuss that comes with logos and sequins. Creating a wardrobe based upon this theme, takes away those panic moments of ‘I have nothing to wear’, whilst also helping to create those building blocks of personal style.

At the start of 2023, this The Row style, pulled back aesthetic went mainstream, and as we start to work our way into autumn/winter, it shows no signs of slowing down.

For me, this is the most exciting season to start shopping. As summer’s to an end, sites are beginning to release fresh shapes and styles that you’ll be wearing on repeat once the weather cools down. And for us in the UK, that happens pretty quickly. Yes dresses, and the ease of not having to carry a coat or worry about closed toe shoes is great, but there’s nothing like different layers and textures that dressing in the cold brings, to show off your true styling abilities.

So to begin a new working wardrobe, I always look for great staples that will mix and match to create multiple looks, not only for the next couple of months, but for years to come. And this is really what quiet luxury is all about. Below is an edit of pieces I have started to pull from NET-A-PORTER, some I’m already wearing, like The Row black gala pants and Ginza sandals. And some I cannot wait to wear outside, like Khaite’s wool-blend zipped jacket.